Michael V Berlau

College Solutions Specialist Michael V. Berlau

A graduate of the University of Missouri, Michael V. Berlau holds a master of arts in economics with concentrations in banking and finance. Maintaining a cumulative grade point average of roughly 3.9 throughout college, Michael V. Berlau graduated as a member of the campus economics honor society.

Mr. Berlau has served as a college solutions specialist at College Funding and Planning since 2008. Based in Overland Park, Kansas, this organization is dedicated to helping students find and secure appropriate financial aid by presenting informative workshops, detailing appropriate FAFSA strategies, and reviewing funding appeals proceedings.

Over the years, Michael V. Berlau has received a number of industry accolades, including a "Top Industry Advisor in the Midwest" designation from the College Planning Network.
He augmented his workshop activities by coauthoring the book How to Give Your Child a 4-Year College Education Without Going Broke, which he distributes to all College Funding and Planning workshop participants.

Michael V Berlau

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Michael Berlau
Overland Park, KS US